Duck Camp To-Go Meals

If you’re like us, all the pre-hunt preparation is spent on collecting hunting gear, hooking up boats, fueling side by sides and figuring out who is riding with who.

For those who like good food but don’t want to prepare it, this is for you! Here's whats available in-store only:

- Chicken Spaghetti

- Ravioli with Meat Sauce 

- White Sauce Chicken Enchiladas 

- Bacon and egg quiche

- Sausage and cream cheese Casserole

- Pork Boudin

- Bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers with pork & PJ sausage

- Stuffed Chicken with broccoli and cheese

- Stuffed Chicken with crawfish

- Seafood Gumbo with shrimp, crawfish and crab

- Crawfish Étouffée

- Opa's smoked sausage 

What is often neglected or sometimes forgotten are the meals for the weekend. This year we want to take that burden off your plate. As you swing through Memphis, we hope you will stop by Chêne headquarters on your way to camp and grab some of our delicious breakfast, lunch, appetizer and dinner options.