Introducing the 2S Wader

“Continuous Improvement”: The all-new 2S Wader

“Built Better" isn't just a clever slogan; it's our guiding principle. We started Chêne with a singular goal: to build waterfowl gear that surpasses everything else on the market – and to never stop doing it.

Launched three years ago, our flagship wader set a new standard for the waterfowl industry. We didnt stop there. we continued working to build an even better vesion of the most critical piece of gear for waterfowl hunters.

The result: the all-new 2S wader.

We reimagined how to build a wader with the industry’s first two-seam design, which reduces the number of contact points. This design is harder to produce — perhaps that’s why we’re the only ones doing it — but we know putting in the extra effort always pays off.

Less seams, less contact points 

Waders are built by joining, or seaming, smaller sections of fabric. Our first generation wader was built with rugged waterproof nylon and six stitch-less seams for unmatched puncture resistance and waterproof protection. 

So, we built a wader with less contact points. 

“As waterfowl hunters, we face so many extreme elements, whether it’s the weather, habitat, or the tough situations we put ourselves into. The 2S design eliminates contact points, which are areas that can catch the sharp edge of a blind or face extreme pressure when pushing a stuck ATV out of the mud or dragging a canoe into the far off holes that face less pressured and hold more birds,”- Jeff Jones. "We put so much pressure and so much stress on our gear in the field, and that’s what you have to design for.”

Like our original wader, the 2S is constructed with waterproof and breathable four-layer nylon and features the same integrated boot design. And like all Chêne Gear, the wader was rigorously tested in the field for two seasons to ensure it met our standards for durability, waterproofing, mobility and comfort. 

“I’ve said it from the very beginning to the small handful of us who started this company: ‘The wader we’re building today is not going to be the wader we build tomorrow.’ The whole goal of Chêne was to build it better and continuously improving our products,” Jones said. 

The 2S wader will be released in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Original Treestand, Mossy Oak Original Bottomland, Mossy Oak Original Shadow Grass, Brown and Olive and is available now here.