The Duck Dog

Dear Labrador Retriever, 

You and  I are very different in some ways but  in other ways we are very much alike. Passion is the word that comes to mind, and it’s a passion that we both share deep in our souls. Your love to retrieve ducks, matches my love to hunt them; creating a bond that fuels the passion we share. The intensity in your eyes as they break the trees is the only way to describe the blood, sweat and tears you endured to be prepared to do your job.  You earn our respect with your toughness, grit, and selflessness, and therefore I will always be honored to stand beside you. Thank you for showing us your heart, a heart that us humans can only envy. Thank you!

The Duck Dog is a dog that many of us hold near and dear to our hearts, for he is the dog that has so many qualities that most humans envy. The duck dog is selfless, caring more about what pleases his handler than any thought of himself. He lays his safety and comfort on the line each day with hopes of pleasing his owner. These dogs have a toughness and grit that allows them to keep going, even with all conditions stacked against them, exhausted from a full morning's work.  However, they persevere, finding enough heart to go time and time again. 

“Outside the hunt, the companionship and loyalty given by a faithful retriever are second to none. There are countless relationships and friendships I’ve developed in the duck blind that are started over conversations about the dog. So to me there’s no question who brings more to the others life… hands down, it’s the dog!” - Adam Campbell