Apex × Chêne TSS Blend Turkey Shotshells


In collaboration with Apex Ammunition, the Chêne TSS Blend Turkey Shotshells feature 18.1 g/cc density Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) in a proprietary blend of 8/10 shot -  the only such shot combination on the market from Apex. Handcrafted in the USA, this shotshell delivers the pinnacle trifecta of patterning, consistency, and knockdown power for maximum penetration at long range.






12 Gauge 3" 8/10 TSS 2-1/4 oz. 1190 fps
20 Gauge 3" 8/10 TSS 1-5/8 oz. 1175 fps
28 Gauge 2-3/4" 8/10 TSS 1-3/8 oz. 1040 fps
.410 Bore 3" 8/10 TSS 7/8 oz. 1160 fps

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