Chêne Film Festival - VIP TABLE


Chêne will be offering a seated VIP table experience at this event for $2,500. These 8 person tables will include optimal viewing for the films, 1 pair of Mossy Oak Bottomland Waders, a Seated Dinner at 5:30pm, mixed drinks and wine on the table and several other table gifts. This event is free of charge, so if you choose to not purchase a table, please bring blankets or chairs for your comfort. Limited number of tables available. NO REFUNDS.

Learn more here: Chêne Gear Film Festival


- VIP ACCESS & Premium seating for 8

- Seated Dinner for 8

- Mixed drinks and wine on table

- 1 pair of Mossy Oak Bottomland Wader 

- Additional table gifts

Note: Contact customer service for wader size.

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