A Way To Say Thank You

Good duck hunting starts with an abundance of ducks, and habitat is the key to supporting a strong population and holding birds during the season. When it comes to conserving wetlands, there’s no other initiative as successful as the federal duck stamp program.

To celebrate our one-year anniversary and launch of our new collection of performance apparel, Chêne is giving back to our customers — and the birds we’ve all dedicated our lives to pursuing — by purchasing a duck stamp for every buyer of our flagship waders. “Quality habitat is the foundation to a healthy waterfowl population, and the duck stamp program has a stellar record of protecting the wetlands vital to ducks, geese, and countless other species of wildlife,” says Jeff Jones. “We want to support this crucial mission by giving a portion of every wader we sell back to these special animals.”

More than 1.5 million duck stamps are sold each year, which illustrates how hunters play an active role in conservation. Since the program was established in 1934, duck stamps have generated more than $1.1 billion for the conservation of more than 6 million acres of waterfowl habitat, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Roughly 98 percent of the $25 duck stamp directly helps acquire and protect wetland habitat and purchase conservation easements for the National Wildlife Refuge system. These wetland habitats not only support a diverse population of wildlife, but also purify water, control flooding, lessen soil erosion and sedimentation, and enhance access to outdoor recreation opportunities.

Every pair of Chêne waders sold in 2022 will come with a duck stamp, which is required to hunt waterfowl. Chêne also encourages those who receive the stamp to purchase an additional one for someone else.

“Pay it forward and give it to a friend who wants to start duck hunting, a youth hunter, or even someone who doesn’t hunt but appreciates wildlife and wild places. The more stamps hunters purchase, the more we can support the birds and lands that makes this all possible,” says Jeff.

Want to support wetlands habitat? You can purchase a duck stamp online through the U.S. Postal Service and Amplex, as well as a number of state wildlife agencies.