When we set out to build the ultimate pair of waders, we didn’t know your name or what city you lived in.  We didn’t know the color of your pickup truck or the name of your retriever, but we had a pretty good idea of where your imagination takes you when you close your eyes and dream about shooting ducks.  Our imagination goes there too, and we get it.  We understand the obsession with shallow water boat rides, blue clear skies, a stiff north wind, flooded trees, wet dogs, and all of the things that consume your hunt for the next limit of mallard ducks.  That’s why we are able to understand what you expect from your gear and why we can confidently commit to delivering you waterfowl gear that is built better.

Built Better is more than just a business objective for our product development, it’s a statement of our ongoing commitment to you the customer.  It’s not only a commitment to build a better pair of waders but also to build a better brand; a brand that you can engage with and be a part of for years to come. We are duck hunters just like you.

Built Better inspires every component we’ve chosen and the placement of every stitch; right down to the zippers. 

All zippers are not created equal.  That is why we chose the best zipper available to the market, the YKK AQUASEAL®, for the large zipper on the front of our waders. YKK has long been synonymous with quality and durability in the industry, especially when it comes to waterproof zippers.  During the design phase, we had the opportunity to use a cheaper, generic zipper off the rack and to be honest, most consumers would probably never know the difference.  Cutting corners is not the Chêne Gear way.  True to form, we built better by not accepting “good enough.”  We developed a custom zipper, tailored to the exact length and specifications that our waders required.  Over the long haul, you’ll notice the difference because our zippers will last.

When subjected to water pressure from being submerged, zippers which lack quality or that haven't been built to our standards fail.  We chose a YKK AQUASEAL® zipper for its quality and durability, and because, even under pressure, it will keep you dry.

We didn’t stop at the perfect zipper, either.  We built better by adding an additional layer of neoprene backing behind the zipper.  This accomplishes two things.  First, it provides a comfortable barrier between your chest and the zipper.  Second, it provides a protective barrier for the zipper itself.  Years of experience has taught us that anything that rubs or wears will eventually fail.  During the early season, you might opt for a light layer under your waders and, on those days, you’ll especially appreciate that neoprene layer.  The addition of this barrier aids in your comfort and protects the integrity of the seal of the zipper from your body, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable.

You’ll notice that we also added zippers to the four chest pockets at the top of our wader.  Not just regular zippers, either.  We selected zippers that are coated with a hydrophobic material which repels water, keeping your pockets and their contents dry.  While these pockets aren’t designed to stay submerged for long periods of time, they will keep out water from splashes and help protect you against those unfortunate mornings when you trip on a snag and float your hat.  These pockets ensure that when you fall, your phone, shells, and hunting licenses remain dry.

Whether gearing up by the truck or seated on a bench at camp, you’ll appreciate how much easier our waders are to put on.  The large front zipper allows for easy use and ample room for layering.  When you pull the zipper up, you will feel the teeth of the zipper mesh, locking down to create a perfect waterproof barrier.

While we realize that we aren’t the first company to put a zipper on the front of the wader, by thoughtful design we have found a way to build it better.