Inspired by the Wader Boot

Zippered Knee Boot

Innovative designs, high-quality material and extensive field testing have allowed Chêne to build its best-in-class waders and technical hunting apparel. Another crucial part of our product development process, customer feedback, inspired our newest product: the zippered knee boot.

After releasing our flagship wader in 2021, we received overwhelming feedback from our customers. Specifically, the wader boot by far received the most praise. Built with a durable rubber outsole and an EVA midsole inspired by athletic sneakers, numerous hunters told us these lightweight, supportive and comfortable boots were the best they’d ever worn in a wader.


We received feedback from everyone that these were the most comfortable wader boots they’d ever worn, and that they wish we made a standalone version to wear while brushing blinds, irrigating rice, or other offseason work they didn’t need waders for. They wanted that fit, that feel, in a more year-round versatile boot," said Field Norris, a co-founder of Chêne.

Ask, and you shall receive.

Jeff Jones, Chêne’s co-founder and chief product officer, went to work building the new boot in time for the 2022-2023 season. Jones settled on a design very similar to the wader boot, using the same materials and EVA molded footbed. However, he also knew a stand-alone boot needed a few different features. He slimmed the outline of the foot — “You don’t want a big bulky wader boot outline for this,” Jones says — and added a YKK waterproof side zipper that makes it quick and easy to put on and remove. The zipper is backed by a waterproof gusset to ensure no water enters the boot.

The result is a high-performance knee-boot that weighs in under 4 pounds. It’s constructed with 3.5 mm neoprene insulation, which provides warmth late in the season while delivering comfort while hunting the early season, turkey hunting, and performing off-season chores.

“Plain and simple, it’s a really comfortable boot that can be worn all year,” says Jones.

The boot is available in sizes 6 through 14. While half-sizes aren’t available, Chêne provides a 5 mm and 7 mm PU sole insert, which can be swapped to provide a more customized fit.

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