Slough Boot: A Knee Boot Reimagined | Chêne Gear

Chêne’s all-new Slough Boot: A knee boot, reimagined.  At some point, a duck hunter will find themselves in water too deep for knee boots, but not quite deep enough to justify the extra weight — and sweating, if it’s hot — of wearing waders. Chêne knows this problem well, and we’ve solved it for good with our newest product, the Slough Boot.

 Key Features for Land Work and Teal Hunting 

 A high-performance hip boot engineered with premium materials to keep hunters dry and comfortable, the Slough Boot was built for the hot, unglamorous land work that ensures success later in the year, chasing early season teal, and hunting wet, low-lying areas where the water always seems to be just higher than your boots. This 16-inch boot features an integrated 12-inch section of Chêne’s rugged breathable and waterproof nylon wader material that extends waterproof protection to the upper part of the leg and folds down over the boot when it’s not in use.

  Enhanced Comfort and Breathability 

 Since there’s a good chance you’ll be working hard in the Slough Boot, Chêne designed these boots to prevent overheating and maximize breathability. The boot features a 3 mm neoprene upper and 2 mm air mesh liner, which allows heat to escape and moisture to quickly dry.

 Unmatched Design Features of Our Slough Boots

 The Slough Boot offers material and construction quality and smart design features that won’t be found on any other hip boot. The EVA midsole provides exceptional comfort, and the rubber outsole and tread pattern provide create confident support and grip in muddy conditions. The wader extension stays in place with an elastic band that fits securely around the leg and a webbing strap that clips on a belt loop to ensure it stays in place.

 Get Your Slough Boots Today

 “The Slough Boot solves a problem a lot of us encounter throughout the year, where we need just a little more waterproof protection than a knee boot provides. Maybe you’re planting rice in the late spring or summer or clearing beaver dams on your property. Or maybe you’re a spring turkey hunter who has just realized that gobbler is roosted on the opposite side of the slough you set up on, and you need to slip through the knee-deep water without soaking your boots and making you miserable for the rest of the day,” said Jeff Jones, co-founder and chief product officer of Chêne Gear.


Ready for a better boot for working the land or early season teal hunting? Purchase the Slough Boot here.